Aldeburgh beach

Journal in clam shell case

Aldeburgh beach

Landscape Book cover

Book cover


Book measures 22 x 15 cm

reduction lino print on book size 11 x 15 cm

lino print on landscape book size 22 x 15 cm

Aldeburgh Harbour Reduction Print size of book 11 x 15 cm

Aldeburgh harbour reduction lino print size 11 x 15 cm

I enjoy hand sewing and binding my journals, I use 140 gsm cartridge paper that also takes watercolour.  If you are interested I usually sell the larger ones at £28 each, the smaller books at £15 each plus postage.

I have tried some images by the reduction method , in limited editions, this takes considerable longer, but does mean I can get a lot more colour in. the cost of these will be higher at larger books £35 small books £25.

I can also provide address books and photo albums although these are not sewn or glued by me.

Please email me if interested,  I can post to you.